BOSS mini sessions! 

My brand new session type created especially for friends!



What is a BOSS session?

BOSS means Band Of Sisters Session. They were created to capture the uniqueness of middle school friendships; though any tween or teen aged group is welcome to participate in them, typically ages 10-15.

Why book a BOSS session?

  1. Do you remember your middle school years? I do! They were filled with insecurities, awkwardness and changing friendships. What if you could provide an easy self-esteem boost by having them feel like a model for a day? From picking out wardrobe to posing for beautiful, fun photos with friends, it’s an experience they will remember as a highlight from those in-between years!
  1. fill in the gaps. When I looked back through my own photos from those years, I realized that those friendships were nearly undocumented during those years! I had plenty from elementary age, mostly due to school parties and field trips. And I had a decent amount from high school because we sometimes took our own cameras to school for some fun photos. Now, pretty much everyone has a phone or iPod with a camera, so selfies are everywhere. But those photos are rarely printed and are rarely of print quality! What a shame it will be to have all of those memories lost. I so wish I had more photos to remember exactly who made up those friendships at that specific time in my life.
  1. document changes. Now, I’ve watched as my own daughter’s friendships have changed over the years. Some have been strong since elementary school. Others were newly added along the way and still others drifted and faded out. I realized that I wanted to capture the “here and now” for her. How wonderful it is to look back and remember the fun times and who they were spent with! These are important years! Don’t wait. Let me help you capture those friendships for YOUR daughter as they change along the way.
  1. It’s really fun and it’s really affordable too!

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Email me at 3wishes@columbus.rr.com or call 740 917-9337 for more information or

to book a date for your group today.

Sessions booked by April 30th, 2016 will receive 20% off the normal per person session pricing!